Friday, June 15, 2012

Ghee Rice/Jeera Rice

Here's the recipe for Ghee rice/Jeera rice. This can be made in a way that can be eaten plain, or by having dal/dal fry along.

Recipe for dal fry and plain dal. 

Both the variations are explained.

Time needed : 30 min

The measures used in this post serves for three.

Ingredients :

5 cloves
2 cardamom
Crushed pepper
1 tspn cumin seeds
2 green chillies
2 onions
turmeric powder
2 cups(about 400g) basmati rice
Green peas
8 tspn vegetable oil
2 tspn ghee

Method :

  • Take 2 cups of rice in a bowl and wash it atleast twice. And let the water drain. Keep it aside for later use.

  • Add 8 tspn vegetable oil and 2 tspn ghee to the pan. Let it heat for two minutes on medium flame. Then add 1 tspn cumin seeds(jeera) and wait till the popping sounds start.
  • Then add the other spices viz. cloves, cardamom, crushed pepper, cinnamon (qty mentioned above). Also add the 2 chillies chopped finely and mix well for about 2 min.
  •  Then add the sliced onions to it and mix well. Let it turn a golden brown color.
  •  Now sprinkle a pinch of turmeric salt(haldi) and enough salt. Mix well for 2 more minutes. (If you are making it to have with dal fry, then add less salt since dal fry has salt too, and there's a risk of the combination getting really salty. But if you are making the rice to have it plain, then add more salt)
  •  Add the rice grains kept aside to the pan and mix. Mix it delicately. We do not want to break the grains.
  •  Fry the rice for about 4 min. And then add the green peas to it.
  •  Then add 5 cups of water to the pan, mix and cover the lid.
  • Once it starts steaming, place the whistle and increase the flame fully. Once the whistle blows, reduce the flame to a minimum and let the rice cook for about 2-3 min more and then switch off the flame. Open the lid when the whistle comes off easily.
  •  Serve with dal fry if you added less salt. Else you could have it with tomato sauce. Whatever suits you!

Try it out yourself and mail me a picture of your preparation to, and i will flaunt it on my blog. Looking forward to your valuable feedback. 



  1. I love having this can also be named as "peas pulao" . I've learned this from my mom.You can also have this with curd too!

    1. Mom's my teacher too! It's fun learning n making these! :)

  2. Wow!! Loving all the recipes here!! Reminds me of mum's cooked food and home!!! :)

    1. Thanks much Mehak... will post more soon! :)