Monday, June 11, 2012


My mother will tell you i'm crazy to open a food blog cos you will never find me in the kitchen when she is. But that's a different issue. Guess what, it's time i showed her she's wrong and she says she would love to be wrong for a change! ;-)

For me, cooking is fun when i cook something on my own, with no help from beginning till the end. I don't like being in the kitchen when mom is, cos then it would just be helping, not cooking. Handing over ingredients, chopping veggies is not cooking, it's just a part of it. And i aspire for the whole.

Though i'm not very experienced, i have always dreamt of having my own kitchen. I like to cook in style. I believe cooking is an art. There are so many colors, so many flavors to be explored. My most favorite part in cooking is mixing onions with the masala. ;-) I love it, and don't ask me why. Just cooking the food sounds like a job, but i think the people who love it are the ones who like to make it look presentable after it's cooked! You don't need fancy ware to present food, just an eye for beauty!

Having reached the independent phase of my life, i see a lot of potential and need for some own cooking in the near future, with a worried set of parents cos they do not believe i can handle that. So this is gonna be my recipe book, for my own reference and mainly for all the beginners outside who are in need for yummy, easy and healthy daily food. Not that i will not include my experiments with the tough ones. But my aim is to cover most of the easy and fast to make food you can make daily and squeeze into your tight schedule.

So let's see how it goes eh? My father's got to be ready for a paunch anytime now, if somebody has to finish the food i make ;-) Cheers to yummy times ahead! :-D


  1. you really are crazy to open a food blog! :O
    but I am looking forward to this! :) Lately, i have been watching Master Chef and I fell in love with it, especially with the Junior Master Chef thing. :D

    I always wanted to learn a few recipes. Laziness stopped me :D
    Well, i can read your blogs though! So i'll be learning a few things then, after all. :O yaay!

    So... Good luck, Pranita. The cook :P

    1. LOL... Thanks Jayanth! :) I ve been watching Masterchef for a really long tym! N i lovv it.. i used to watch d cooking programs as a kid too.. but neva tried! Now's my tym! :D Laziness... my BFF! :P

  2. pls check my blog

  3. Pranita - My my what a blog !! How come I never knew of this :D I am definitely going to try paneer chataka and the cabbage soup for sure and tell you how it goes !!