Friday, August 10, 2012

Alu ki Sabji - The Masala used in Masala Dosa!

Masala Dosa is the most popular dish among all South Indian Cuisines. So how about trying it out at your home.

Very simple to make. In this post, i'll be telling you how to make the Potato Bhaji used in Masala Dosa.. which can also be had with chapatis, rotis etc or as a side dish with rice! Take your pick.

Serves four people.

Time needed - 15 minutes.

Ingredients -

6 Potatoes
3 onions
3 Green chillies
3 Dried Red chillies
Mustard seeds
Urad dal
Vegetable oil

Method -
  • Put the green and red chillies in the mixer and crush it enough as shown below.
  • Boil 6 potatoes and once it cools down, mash the potatoes. Not into a paste, look below for an idea.
  • Heat some oil on the pan on low flame. After a minute or two, add about 1 tspn mustard seeds.
  • Once the mustard seeds start popping, add about 3/4 tspn urad dal. 
  •  When the urad dal turns a little red, add the chopped onions to the pan and mix.
  •  After a minute, add the chilly paste to the contents in the pan and mix well.
  •  Mix the contents well until the onion turns golden brown. Then sprinkle some turmeric powder and salt to taste.
  • Then add the mashed potatoes to the pan and mix well.
  • Leave the flame for a minute or two and then switch it off.
  •  Place it on the dosa to have Masala Dosa, serve it with rotis, or make a potato roll using chapatis, or you can fill this between to breads and eat it like sandwich. Choose or create your own way to enjoy this dish. Do let me know though ;) 

Try it out yourself and mail me a picture of your preparation to, and i will flaunt it on my blog. Looking forward to your valuable feedback.