Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little bowl of bliss! - Pamper your tastebuds!

What's a meal without a dessert???! How about a bowl of Fruit Salad with Ice cream and home-made Jelly??? Slurpilicious!!!! :D

At the end of this post you'll be able to make one for yourself at home and pamper your taste buds. This particular item lets you explore your creativity. There's just so many ideas you can imbibe in this little bowl of bliss!

Serves about a dozen people.

Time needed - 10 min (for the custard)

Ingredients -

3 tbspn Custard Powder
1/2 lt milk
3 tbspn sugar
Rose syrup
ice cream (any flavor)
jelly (any flavor preferably one which isn't already there as a fruit form in the bowl!)
fruits (banana, mango, apple, grapes, chikoo, any other that suit your fancy)
You can include honey, cashews, nuts, cherries, wafers and everything you can think of that will make it a perfect dessert for you! Maybe choco chips, chocolate sauce..!!!

Method -

  • Put 3 tbspn of custard powder into a container.
  • Put some water into it and make sure all the powder gets evenly dissolved without any lump formation.
  • Pour the half litre milk into a vessel, add 3 tbspn sugar to it. Stir the contents and let the milk boil on a low flame.
  • Once the milk boils, add the custard paste to the milk as you stir it side by side to avoid formation of lumps. Make sure the flame is still low or you might end up burning the base of the contents. Stir constantly and check if the consistency of the custard is thick enough. 
  •  If not add some custard powder into a separate bowl quickly, add some cold milk or water to it and stir well. Then add it to the vessel and mix. DO NOT add the custard powder directly to the hot milk or it will form lumps! Bring the contents to a boil and then turn the flame off.
  • Your custard is ready. Place the vessel in a water bath to cool it down quickly before refrigerating it.
  • When your custard is chilled enough for the dessert, start cutting the fruits and fill your bowl with it. Then pour custard over the fruits. Add some Jelly. (You can learn how to make Jelly here.) Top it with a scoop of ice-cream of your favorite flavor. Garnish it with rose syrup and top it with nuts, cherries and wafers. And your mouth watering Dessert is ready to be served! 

Try it out yourself and mail me a picture of your preparation to, and i will flaunt it on my blog. Looking forward to your valuable feedback.     


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